A90 GNSS RTK Receiver

Multi-constellation satellite tracking

The world's fifth-generation GNSS baseband chip TIANQIN, integrating 800 super channels, supporting multi-satellite system full-band satellite signal reception.

Core Technology - The A90 ZH Extreme Edition is equipped with a new generation of high- precision positioning boards, 800 super channels, supporting 4-satellites full-band satellite signal reception, and fully supports the fourth- generation GNSS positioning technology.
Support “aRTK” technology, maintain a fixed resolution for a period of time in the case of a differential data link interruption.

Smart Base Station - Real-time reminder of base station offset, real-time display of base station power.
Even your base station is near the sky, it is almost in front of you.

IMU Tilt Survey - Newest IMU Tilt Survey technology, New algorithm, no need
calibration. Using fusion positioning technology, built-in high- precision IMU inertial navigation module, patented IMU inertial navigation and GNSS fusion positioning algorithm. Support 400Hz positioning data output, tilt 60 degrees positioning accuracy 2cm, can do tilt measurement, Surveying at any time.

As solid as a rock - High purity magnesium alloy material + independent closed space capsule design. Make independent loops between different RF modules. Minimize internal crosstalk, the internal noise control of the instrument reaches the world's top level.

Combined Antenna - A new generation of combined antennas, GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G. The antenna is integrated, the system level is optimized, and the signal strength is improved Up 30%!

Dual Batteries Dual insurance - Dual battery + dual battery compartment double insurance design, unique ingenuity, battery self- contained power intelligent detection chip, remaining power, one click know!

Intelligent System - Based on intelligent operating system, the newly designed new generation WebUI makes RTK operation as simple as the Internet; intelligent TTS voice prompts support user DIY settings; UniCloud private cloud service, remotely control the working status, make your instrument smarter!

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