Data Collectors

Data Collectors

Data Collectors

Data CollectorsProfessional GNSS data collectors

Bring to the field all the connectivity and data transfer possibilities that modern smart devices have.


The A800 rugged tablet is the ideal companion designed to Android Rugged Tablet Increase efficiency and productivity of mobile field work force in different industries and applications.

Carlson RT4

The Carlson RT4 is designed for surveying, stakeout, construction layout, and GIS mapping and is bundled with Carlson SurvPC – the Windows-based data collection program.

P9III Android Controller

Lightweight, robust structure, anti-shock and drop-tested in the harshest environments.


SXTab is a true revolution in rugged tablet computing. It combines powerful Intel Quad Core Processors, the latest wireless and a large 10.1" Widescreen display, together with a thin and light design that re-defines Rugged Mobility.


This tablet can receive RTK corrections, which lets you have great accuracy. This works with either the Antenna that comes with the tablet or an external antenna. This tablet with your favorite data collection software lets you finally have an all-in-one solution. Equipped with Android 7.0 this tablet is compatible with hundreds of applications.