Image Processing Software

Image Processing Software
Sean Fraser

Image Processing Software


Pix4UAV – 2D/3D softwarecloud

Pix4UAV is a unique software package that combines thousands of aerial images taken by lightweight flying platforms into professional accurate 2D maps and 3D models, within just a couple of clicks. It is available both as a Cloud Service and as a Desktop License. Pix4UAV is designed for the lightweight, consumer-grade cameras carried by fixed-wing and copter UAVs. It also works with larger sensors carried by airborne systems. It supports input image resolution from 1 to 200 Megapixel and processes RGB, Infrared and Thermal imagery, up to 10’000 images simultaneously.

Buy or Rent:

Now you have a choice: Purchase the software so you have your software on your computer with your data at a one time charge. Included is support and upgrade for the first year. Rent your software for 30 consecutive days when you need it.  Support is included and  you get to work with the latest version. Learn More
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desktopPostflight Terra 2D/3D – (Powered by Pix4D)

Turn your albris/eBee into the next-generation mapping tool. Terra 3D available for download at no extra cost with the albris and eBee bundle systems. Postflight Terra 3D is the alternative, local version of Postflight Service specific to senseFly products. This licensed software powered by Pix4D will run on your desktop or notebook computer. Postflight Terra 3D offers a rapid processing mode that can generate a preview of the orthomosaic within a few minutes. The more computer intensive full processing mode will take advantage of all the power of your processors and provide up to four times more accuracy and resolution. In conjunction with the new Postflight Terra 3D release, our latest video will explain how this software will operate for a concise understanding of how the Postflight Terra 3D will beneficent your drone.

eMotion 2:

emotion2Flight Planning and Execution

eMotion 2 is part of our albris and eBee package eMotion software lets you plan, simulate, monitor and control the UAV’s trajectory both before and during flight. With simple drag & drop actions you can designate the area to be mapped, generate a flight plan and with a single mouse click you can update your mission or return the UAV to its starting location. eMotion is Windows tablet compatible.