Network RTK

Network RTK

Why Topnet Live?

Truly Global Solution

Topnet Live is a truly global solution, providing correction service anywhere with the combination of global PPP and regional GNSS reference networks.

Operated by Topcon

Regional GNSS reference networks are operated by Topcon and our partners to provide coverage in all major regions of the world.

Seamless subscriptions

Customers can have a single subscription that provides borderless service which automatically switches between regional GNSS reference networks.

Reliable service

Topnet Live is managed by Topcon’s own network and geodesy experts, ensuring a precise and reliable alwayson service.

Flexible and tailored

Our OEM GNSS boards can be preconfigured for immediate use by system integrators’ customers, with flexible subscription and licensing options to suit the exact need.

Fully scalable

The entire solution is scalable, so system integrators do not need to limit locations or numbers of customers.

Technology Overview

To provide precise positioning accuracy, a GNSS receiver needs to compensate for inaccuracies by satellite constellations, receiver hardware, and atmospheric conditions. These inaccuracies can be calculated by a network of fixed reference stations that constantly receive GNSS data.

This correction information is then broadcast to GNSS receivers as a correction service. Topnet Live is Topcon's GNSS correction service and consists of the reference station network, the correction calculation software, and the correction broadcast service.

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