Total Stations

Total Stations

Total StationsGIS/Surveying

Boost your daily performance with these easy-to-use, yet highly productive distance measurement engines for a wide range of applications such as surveying, engineering and construction. Designed for highest precision and accuracy GeoMax total stations offer you an excellent.

SPS Zoom 300

Collects precise spatial data of objects or environments. The collected point cloud data can then be used to construct digital three dimensional models.

Zipp 10 Pro Series Laser Scanners

Zipp10: A complete total station for all your measuring tasks, providing accurate angular readings and distance measurements. All this but still affordable and easy to use, is what makes GeoMax “work when you do”.

Zipp 20 WinCE Series

... operate it your way, store it your way, process it your way! Running fully open Windows® CE allows you to operate the field software of your choice onboard the Zipp20 – Open WinCE® Series.

Zoom 20 accXess Series

The GeoMax Zoom20 Pro Manual total station includes an environmentally protected USB port that allows fast, simple and reliable data transfer between the instrument and your PC, even to other total stations.

Zoom 30 Pro Series

The Zoom30 Pro brings all the functionality you expect from a total station right at your fingertips. A total station for all those, demanding highest performance and comfort that “works when you do”

Zoom 35 Pro Series

With non-prism mesurements of 1,000 m, the all new Zoom35 Pro opens a new class of total stations for all those requiring highest performance on all levels.

Zoom 80 Series

Zoom80R robotic and Zoom80S servo are technologically advanced motorised total stations that scout, track, and aim reflectors fully automatically.