Full Sky and L-Band

F90 tracks GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and can maximize the tracking to observe all visible GNSS satellite signals, thereby providing maximum performance for accuracy and real-time measurements.  F90 also support L-Band function, can get CM accuracy just with one receiver.

Performance F90 can quickly search available satellites and soon get Fixed solution.  F90 with its advanced technology ensures it works well even in harsh environment such as under heavy foliage.

Highly integrated internal components - The innovative technology made F90 has excellent combination with GNSS, 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna.  F90 is also inserted with highly integrated Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi and 4G network modules, which reduces the internal signals crosstalk.  The powerful 360-degree omni-direction signal receiving in F90 enables full omnidirectional communications.

Third generation tilt surveying technology - Inserted with high-sensitive E-bubble and brand-new tilt survey algorithm, F90 is calibration-free.  Immune to magnetic disturbance and free from limitation of tilt angles.  F90 can measure points where a vertical placement of the pole is not possible such as house corners.

All protocol compatible internal radio - Initially adopt our independent R & D TRM series internal radio, F90 enables frequency band change ranges from 410-470MHZ.  Enables communication with protocol like SATEL, PCC-GMSK, TrimTalk 450s, South, TrimMark III (19200) and GeoTalk, GeoMark.  F90 is able to work distance of 5KM with only 1W radio.

4G Network - F90 with its advanced 4G module, guarantee 4G network can transmit world-widely.  This results more convenient and stable network communication.

Multi-Connectivity and WEB UI Control - Distinguished from former GNSS, F90 provides two connecting methods for receiver and controller—Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi connection.  Data transmission proves to be more stable with these new connecting ways. The second generation WEB UI on F90 is full compatible with all devices and all browsers.  It’s more convenient with WEB UI control.

Long Life Battery - Inserted with 2 smart hot swappable Lithium batteries, F90 can work maximum of 10 hours without stopping.  Battery level can be viewed at the press of one button.  With new excellent design, more than 20% power consumption can be reduced.

Weight & Dimension - Without affecting accuracy and efficiency, this innovative GNSS Receiver—F90 is made extremely light and small.  Evens till equipped with magnesium alloy fuselage, F90 weighs only 1KG and measures only 140mm x 157mm x 76mm.

Port protection - Port covers prevent ports from water and dust.  Inserted port manufactured lower than outer shell avoid damage when dropping.  Marks that clearly demonstrates different port uses make sure they are plug correctly.

Cloud Service - Cloud service in SurPad software enebles simultaneous work in field and office, enables data promptly upload and backup, which greatly improve surveying efficiency.

Alarm system - In UHF model, when base is moved or with low power or no satellites, rover will alarm immediately.

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